This Man Found Two Puppies Right In The Middle Of The Desert. He Cured Them And Took In The Journey That They Are Unlikely To Forget

Jordan Kahan, who traveled over the USA in December 2016, went through the desert of Arizona where he found two little abandoned puppies. Poor tiny dogs were suffered from severe dehydration. Fortunately, Jordan took them to the veterinarian and the dogs were on the mend. As soon as they were healthy, he took both puppies to travel with him.
Since that daythis trio has become an inseparable team.They were traveling together through the United States. The guy named the puppies Zeus and Sedona. Jordan visited 35 states and traveled more than 30,000 miles together with his dogsHere are some photos of this adorable team.

1. Jordan sheltered and cured puppies from severe dehydration

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