Here You Can See The Process Of Pencils Creation On The Oldest Factory In The World

The parts of pencils are bonded together with glue and special clamps; then they are dried

Next, you have to give the workpiece a shape. Woodworking machine cuts and grinds individual pencils to the required shape

After laying on the first layer of paints, the pencils are returned by the conveyor to cover the new layer. Most pencils get four layers of paint

Ferrule is a metal part on the end of a pencil that attaches an eraser to it

It is a special conveyor that adds ferrules and erasers to pencils

On some pencils, metal tips are added instead of a ferrule and an eraser

Sharpening of the finished pencils occurs by rolling them on a high-speed grinding belt

Pencils are almost ready! Next, they are cleaned and sent to the packaging

Final: finished products are packed and sent to stores

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