Here You Can See The Process Of Pencils Creation On The Oldest Factory In The World

These graphite rods are heated in an oven to remove moisture and solidify the material

Graphite crumb resembles sand in consistence. It is used to evenly allocate heat from the kiln around graphite rods. After this process, the graphite crumb will be processed

After heating, the graphite rods are placed in perforated cans and immersed in hot wax

Graphite rods cooling after their immersion in heated wax

The employee on the photo has been working in this factory for 47 years. The mixer behind him processes graphite and charcoal

Pastel for soft colored pencils is laid manually on corrugated wooden boards, where it is then dried. A special extrusion machine that produced them, usually processes one color for a whole week, then it is cleaned and prepared for other colors

Pastel rods are very fragile and therefore they are laid only manually

With graphite rods the process is easier – they are laid inside the workpiece by means of a special machine

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