At First Sight It Seemed That This Butterfly Doesn’t Have Chances To Survive But A Talented Designer’s Made Impossible And Now It Can Fly

Monarch butterfly can live from 2 weeks to 5 months, depending on the year season in which it was born. One of these butterflies was found by master of hand embroidery and a talented costume designer – Romy McClorsky. Unfortunately, the time allotted to the life to this butterfly since birth was frighteningly small: it was born with deformation of the right wings. The girl did not get confused and decided to help this sweet creature by taking the butterfly home, where she used household items for an operation to transplant the wing. A bathroom was the operating room, and a contact cement, a wire hanger, a towel, a toothpick, scissors, a cotton swab, tweezers, talcum and an additional wing from one of its smaller sisters who died a few days ago served as the tools for the operation. McClorsky noted the fact that butterflies do not have pain receptors, so there is no need to anesthetize a tiny patient.

Here’s a poor little creature who needs help. Let’s see what can we do here.

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