17 Extremely Kind Photos That Will Become A Ray Of Light In The Kindom Of Bad News

2. Brian from Dublin every day cooks 50 portions of food for the homeless, spending on it personal money

3. Every morning my father feeds birds so that my mother can admire them in the morning

4. In Kenya, a man carries water to animals that suffer from drought

5. The guy in the cafe was looking for veterinary clinics to help the wounded sparrow he had found

6. The girl invited to a graduation ball the firefighter, who had rescued her 17 years ago

7. The horse tipped the bucket with its food so that the pigeons could also eat

8. An elderly man hah had a heart attack while he was cleaning the yard from the snow. The doctors took him to the hospital and went back to clean the yard

9. A man helps an unfamiliar guy to tie a tie